Asodiya P. Sureshkumar, Parth S. Asodiya, Vinay K. Parmar, Kashinath S. Patel


Present study was designed to measure input use, cost structure, return and resource use efficiency in wheat production of South Gujarat division of Gujarat, India. In present investigation The sample of 240 Wheat farmers were selected from study area which input-output data collected based on rabi cropping season with a view to examine the input use, cost structure and returns in production and marketing of wheat and the resource use efficiency of wheat growers in year 2013-14. We was used the log linear type Cobb-Douglas production function.  The results of study revealed that the average total cost of cultivation of wheat was ` 45784.31. It was the highest on large farms followed by 45720.79 on medium farms, and 39016.69 on small farms. Higher costs on large farms are associated with intensive use of Human labour, bullock labour, manures & fertilizers and irrigation charges. The average overall farm harvest price received by the wheat growers was ` 1552.79 per quintal. It varied from ` 1500.43 on small farms to ` 1597.43 on large farms. The average net profit per hectare over (Cost-C2) was ` 20017.55 and it increased with the increase in size of farms. The overall input-output ratio was 1:1.44 on the basis of total cost of cultivation. It was the highest (1: 1.48) on large farms, followed by medium farms (1:1.43), and small farms (1:1.35). The average cost of production per quintal of wheat was about ` 1285.86 which was lower than the market price of wheat ranging from ` 1600 to ` 1950 per quintal. Functional analysis of wheat crop revealed that seed, N fertilizer, irrigation, human labour, No. of weeding, P fertilizer F.Y.M, bullock labors, and No. of spray i.e.  0.511,0.371, 0.288, 0.188, 0.171, 0.148, 0.059, 0.029, and 0.020 respectively.  This is positive and statistically significant, indicated which indicated that if expenses made on these resources, then it will be gives profitable returns.


Input use, cost structure, returns, production, marketing and market price, Resource use efficiency, log linear production function.


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