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Vol 11, No 2 (2023): Int. J. Agric. Ext.

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International Journal of Agricultural Extension has been recognised by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan in "Y category. The edntire team of IJAE is happy for this success. In the meantime, we are indebted to all the authors for their contribution. 


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International Journal of Agricultural Extension is devoted to publishing authoritative empirical research and conceptual contribution building the theory of agriculture extension especially focusing on community development through practices of agriculture extension education. 

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Latest News on Food and Agriculture


A mixed origin made maize successful

Maize is one of the world's most widely grown crops. It is used for both human and animal foods and holds great cultural significance, especially for indigenous peoples in the Americas. Yet despite its importance, the origins of the grain have been hotly debated for more than a century. Now new research shows that all modern maize descends from a hybrid created just over 5000 years ago in central Mexico, thousands of years after the plant was first domesticated.
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Vertically farmed greens taste as good as organic ones

Consumer skepticism about the taste of vertically farmed greens is widespread. But a scientific taste test shows that respondents rate greens grown vertically and without soil as just as good as organic ones.
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how far can the wind can carry a plant's seeds? New model

Playing an essential foundational role in an ecosystem, plants contribute to the well-being of human health by helping create resources like food and medicine. Therefore, to better understand how plants can maintain resiliency in the face of challenges like climate change, researchers recently developed an innovative mathematical model that can provide fast and reliable predictions of how far wind can carry a plant's seeds.
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Inoculation against diseased fields

Farmland often harbors a multitude of pathogens which attack plants and reduce yields. A research team has now shown that inoculating the soil with mycorrhizal fungi can help maintain or even improve yields without the use of additional fertilizers or pesticides. In a large-scale field trial, plant yield increased by up to 40 percent.
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Bees are still being harmed despite tightened pesticide regulations

A new study has confirmed that pesticides, commonly used in farmland, significantly harm bumblebees one of the most important wild pollinators. In a huge study spanning 106 sites across eight European countries, researchers have shown that despite tightened pesticide regulations, far more needs to be done. 
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