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Vol 12, No 1 (2024): Int. J. Agric. Ext.

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International Journal of Agricultural Extension has been recognised by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan in "Y category. The edntire team of IJAE is happy for this success. In the meantime, we are indebted to all the authors for their contribution. 


Posted: 2020-11-04
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We are currently accepting papers for publication in the International Journal of Agricultural Extension, a fast track peer-reviewed and open access academic journal.
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International Journal of Agricultural Extension is devoted to publishing authoritative empirical research and conceptual contribution building the theory of agriculture extension especially focusing on community development through practices of agriculture extension education. 

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Cuddled cows who work as therapy animals showed a strong preference for women compared to men, study finds

A new study reveals that cows who are cuddled as therapy animals showed a strong preference for interactions with women when compared to men. In turn, the research, which opens a new era on whether some therapies may be initially stronger based upon gender and not procedure, highlighted that the women also reported greater attachment behaviors towards the steers.
Posted: 2024-05-22More...

Chocolate that harnesses the full potential of the cocoa fruit

Researchers have developed a type of chocolate that is more sustainable and nutritious than conventional varieties. Cocoa-fruit chocolate uses cocoa fruit jelly as a replacement for powdered sugar, reducing the sugar content and increasing the product's nutritional value. This new chocolate recipe also has the potential to diversify the income sources of small farmers.
Posted: 2024-05-21More...

Researchers find unique adaptations of fungus associated with bee bread

The past attempts of honey bee researchers to inventory the fungal diversity in honey bee colonies revealed that Aspergillus flavus is frequently found in hives. In a new study, researchers have discovered that this fungus is uniquely adapted to survive in bee colonies.
Posted: 2024-05-21More...

Rabies outbreaks in Costa Rica cattle linked to deforestation

Deforestation in Costa Rica raises the risk of cattle becoming infected with rabies by vampire bats, finds a new study.
Posted: 2024-05-21More...

The impacts of climate change on food production

A new study shows that climate change has led to decreased pollen production from plants and less pollen diversity than previously thought, which could have a significant impact on food production.
Posted: 2024-05-20More...