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Poland has become the one of biggest beneficiary of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the period of 2004-2013. It will also be the biggest recipient of grants from the   CAP in the next budget period 2013-2020.  The EU’ agricultural policy is acting mainly to “correct “the mechanism of free competition to stabilize agricultural market and income of the farms producers. Taking into consideration the importance of agricultural production in the Polish economy, it is not possible to characterize fully the place of Poland in the European Single Market without analyzing the mechanism of the CAP. Therefore the main goal of this article is to analysis the effects of the Common Agricultural Policy, which exerted important influence on Polish economic development in the period 2004- 2013. Use by the Polish economy of the CAP’ assistance was important not only for farmers’ income, but also for modernization of agricultural infrastructure.


Poland, CAP, Agriculture Policy


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