Issues of legal regulation in agrarian and tourism space

Yuliia Vyshenvska


As is known, agrarian and touristic sectors are developing most dynamically. They have a crucial impact on social situations not only in particular regions or countries but also in the whole world. It is worth mentioning that these two branches do not just encourage the full functioning of almost all types of economic activities such as construction, transport, communication and light and heavy industries, but stimulate their development.

The digitalization prompts new forms of activities, while the coronavirus pandemic boosted changes in all aspects of public life, specifically in those spheres that are recognized as economic flagships. Taking into account all these aspects, it is possible to state that touristic and argarian spheres need studying specific characteristics of their functioning (especially, during the pandemic because of their sensitiveness to restrictions) and special features of their management in the contrext of digitalization. Moreover, they require the development of methodological strategies and transformational paradigms in the conditions of the pandemic. In addition, scientific researches on the legal regulation in agrarian and touristic areas have become topical.

The special issue dwells upon the problems of the organization and methodological aspects of the finacial-economic security menagement; reveals the legal fundamentals of tourism activities; explores social and legal innovations; looks into digitalization methods in the international economy; and analises the international legal acts in the tourism industry and the agribusiness.

The author team of this special issue hope that the research results will be used for further theoretical studies on the problems of the argarian and touristic laws as well as for the preparation of relevant normative-legal acts and methodologies in order to improve the legal regulation of agrarian and touristic relations. Without predending to be exhaustive, the academicians expect that the suggested aspects of the research will be helpful for those who are interested in the legislation and laws in the agroindustrial and tourism complexes and will give them an impetus for further academic research.

We invite you to consider these issues in detail in the academic articles written by the researchers from Ukraine and Poland. We hope that the scientific materials presented in this special issue will be interesting and useful!

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