Innovation and Investment Development of Entrepreneurship

Marharyta M. Berdar, Liudmyla P. Hatska, Liudmyla L. Kot, Olha V. Yevtushevska, Yurii M. Sapachuk


This study explored the features of innovation and investment development of entrepreneurship in the current economic environment. The relevance of the study was largely conditioned by numerous problems in attracting investment to the modern enterprises relating to private entrepreneurship, as well as the current difficulties with the introduction of innovative solutions to the entrepreneurship structures in the current economic environment of Ukraine and worldwide. The purpose of this study was to identify the main innovation and investment development of modern entrepreneurship features, highlighting the prospects for improving the quality of business structures development in the current economic environment. The leading approach of the study was a combination of systematic analysis of main innovation and investment development trends in modern entrepreneurship and logical structuring of conclusions based on the study results. Identification of the current innovation and investment entrepreneurship features and the main factors affecting the investment attraction to innovation in entrepreneurship should be considered the main results obtained in this study. The prospects for further research in this area were determined by the urgent need to highlight the main features of innovation and investment development of entrepreneurship both in Ukraine and worldwide from the standpoint of analysing the development prospects at hand. The applied value of this study is determined by the possibility to put the obtained results into practice to identify practical answers to the problems declared for consideration within the framework of its subject.


entrepreneurship; national economy; socio-economic environment: investment in development; sustainable economic growth


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3959


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