Participatory extension and advisory services (PEASS) as an extension approach to achieve food security in Egypt: Lessons learned from 5 governorates

Emad M. El-Shafie, Abdel-Shafi Azam, Reda H. Ibrahim


The objective of this study was to investigate the possibility of implementing a PEAS approach that involves all service providers in integrated efforts to provide Small Producers (SPs) with need-oriented advisory services. The study is a qualitative study conducted in 5 Governorates in Egypt by a multi-disciplinary research team. Selected extension methods secured proper and timely application of best-fit practices in each agricultural activity. Qualitative data were collected from regional technical reports from the five Governorates. Results confirmed the possibility of implementing PEAS, to help SPs in proper and timely application of best-fit practices for promoting production, with positive impacts including SPs' strong willingness to be active partners through high participation in the implemented activities. However, several challenges were identified, including a lack of scientific information about different pests and diseases and the best-fit practices to avoid and control them, applying traditional bad agricultural practices, that have negative impacts on the quantity and quality of production. Lessons learned to include a) the importance of bringing different services providers together, in collaborative work. b) encouraging each partner to effectively contribute to help SPs to understand and properly and timely apply the best-fit production and marketing practices, and c) securing reciprocal communication and constructive dialogue among all partners. Recommendations include: establishing partnerships among relevant stakeholders and service providers to facilitate and encourage SPs to establish their own autonomous civil society organizations. 


Participatory extension; Agricultural Extension Advisory Services; Pluralistic extension approach; Decentralized extension approach; Egypt


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.010.01.3900


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