Organization of financial and economic security management of port activities

Liudmyla Shyriaieva, Liudmyla Chiz, Olga Koretska, Natalia Khoteyeva, Anastasiia Petrova


The purpose of this article is to develop a model and proposals for the organization of management of financial and economic security (FESM) of port enterprises (PE). Improvement of the management of financial and economic security we propose to begin with the development of methodological approaches to assessment of the level of financial and economic security. To do this, the article makes a proposal to use a functional criterion, which is defined as the ratio of costs for the organization and operation of the financial security service to the profit obtained during the period of the study. Also, a set of indicators is developed that, unlike existing ones, take into account specifics of the industry. The article also proposes optimal plans for cargo processing, which result in a minimum cost and maximum profit. Through the function of process management, a comprehensive statistical model of managing the system of financial and economic security of port enterprises is proposed. This model takes into account specific factors of PE operation and developed approaches that ensure the organization of PE FES management by embracing traditional financial approaches and their alternatives. The authors state that for the effective organization of financial and economic security of port enterprises it is necessary to conduct timely monitoring of external and internal threats, assess and analyze the level of financial and economic security and develop strategic ways of enterprise development. And the recommendation to the management is to carry out well-timed control and audit of financial condition.


organization; management; financial and economic security; port activity; enterprises of port activity


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.010.00.3885


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