Features of catering facilities allocation in tourist cities of Ukraine and the world

Olena Oliynyk, Anatoliy Davydov, Arsenii Troshkin, Olena Troshkina, Oleksiy Boborykin


The article is devoted to the issues of catering facilities allocation in tourist cities of Ukraine, as well as the experience of Western Europe and the East (on the example of China) has been studied. The variety of cuisines and the impact on tourists' visits to architectural and historical monuments located nearby are analyzed. The priority of modern catering facilities with the function of leisure in tourist cities is proved. Such additional functions that realize leisure in the restaurant are: shopping, literary club, dance floor, karaoke. Leisure is also achieved by changing the interior design due to the organization of themed events (Halloween, New Year), watching movies, the availability of computer and board games, a club of like-minded people or fans, comfortable communication, dating. The authors argue that the allocation of catering facilities placed on tourist routes, according to the existing service radii and the latest calculation of these radii, does not matter. In the article, the authors consider the introduction of food buildings in the historic environment of the city and the problems that arise as a result. Recommendations for the allocation of catering facilities for tourists in the structure of the tourist city are given.


culinary space of the city; fast food; tourist areas; historic building


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.010.00.3855


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