Substantiation of methodological approach to the cost estimation of competitiveness potential of a transport enterprise

Maryna Halkevych, Natalya Kovalenko, Olena O. Yatsukh, Julia Shuldiner, Tatyana I. Bernevek


The article addresses a methodological approach to the cost estimation of the competitiveness potential of a transport enterprise. The estimation of a transport enterprise's competitiveness involves several stages. The first stage defines the competitive status of a transport enterprise through the construction of a competitiveness matrix. The competitiveness coefficient of transportation service is defined at the second stage. Then the competitiveness of all services of transport enterprise is analyzed. The average value of competitiveness of all transport and related services is obtained through defining the estimation. To estimate the market cost of competitiveness potential appropriately, we determined competitiveness indicators and the cost of a transport enterprise. At the next stage of the given analysis, it is necessary to estimate how the aims and strategic plan for the development of the transport enterprise are achieved. The development efficiency, competencies implementation, and competitive advantages in the market were determined through a traditional approach (the effect and cost of the resources spent for obtaining efficiency).


resource; competitive advantages; market value; management; services


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DOI: 10.33687/010.00.3854


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