Problematic issues of determining the object of criminal offences against agro-industry

Ganna Sobko, Oleksii Khovpun, Maryna O. Dei, Anatoliy Y. Frantsuz, Hanna Yermakova


Active support for agro-industry development is reflected in the harmonization of the interests of government and business. The organization of interaction between government and agro-industrial structures for the purpose of consistent socio-economic development creates the foundation of Ukraine's stability in general and its food security in particular, but against this background, not everyone is a bona fide entrepreneur and sometimes tries to profit by obtaining loans for non-existent firms. The article is aimed at understanding and studying the object of protection of public relations in the field of agro-industry, as well as the subject of encroachment. Criminal offences against the environment were considered and conclusions were drawn regarding the object of protection, location and subject matter. The place of the agro-industrial complex in the country's economy is analyzed. The statistical indicators on criminal offences in the field of environment related to agro-industry for the last three years are studied, in addition, the regional indicators of criminality on the specified criminal offences are focused, and also attention is paid to convictions on general and special signs of committing criminal offences against the environment and related agro-industrial criminal offences. The world experience in support of the agro-industrial complex in different countries is investigated. Some conclusions have been drawn on the differences between Ukrainian legislation and the legislation of other countries, for example on the sectoral affiliation of criminal offences in the field of the agro-industrial complex to criminology, which according to statistics can identify risks and thus prevent subsidies to certain enterprises.


agro-industry sphere; criminal offenses; economy; public relations; subject of encroachment.


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.010.00.3851


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