Features of the Organisation of Rooting Cuttings of Decorative Woody Plants Under Artificial Lighting with Led Equipment

Andrei M. Piatykh, Mikhail A. Emelianov, Aleksandr V. Akinchin, Ivan V. Partolin, Alla A. Belyaeva


Obtaining a technology for rooting cuttings and standard seedlings of decorative woody plants under artificial lighting conditions is relevant in connection with the need to increase the amount of planting material required for green building. Currently, cuttings are carried out mainly in greenhouses during the growing season. The development of technology for rooting cuttings using lamps with different lighting parameters opens up the possibility of creating installations that are effective in various conditions. In the course of the study, organisational and technological measures were taken to modernise the greenhouse and install equipment for growing planting material of decorative plants. In accordance with the plan to study the characteristics of various crops using the technology of dynamic regulation of the spectral composition and temporal characteristics of LED lighting in a greenhouse, an assortment of decorative tree species has been developed. Heated greenhouses are equipped with automatic irrigation hotbeds. Cutting of coniferous, deciduous, fast- and slow-growing species of decorative woody plants (7 species and 3 cultivars in total) was carried out. Rooting was carried out under illumination with batch-type LED installations. The success of rooting is studied when using LEDs of various production, with different spectral composition and varying illumination intensity during year-round cultivation. The findings are necessary not only for the development of a regional technology for the year-round production of rooted cuttings of decorative woody plants, but also for the development of the engineering specifics of lighting equipment.


Spectrum; LED; Cutting; Sprouts root systems; Planting material; Phytopathological monitoring

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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3730


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