Ijara as an Innovative Product in Agricultural Financing

Aijamal K. Kantoroeva, Nurzat K. Toktomamatova


The relevance of the study is due to the necessity to solve the problems of agricultural lending in the Kyrgyz Republic. The problems of financing and lending to agriculture are still urgent in the Kyrgyz Republic, therefore, specific financial instruments of Islamic banking, which are highly appreciated in the practise of other countries, are well suited for project financing, work in conditions of high uncertainty characteristic of agriculture in the Kyrgyz Republic. The purpose of the study was to identify alternative loan products for agricultural economic entities based on Islamic principles of financing in the Kyrgyz Republic. Research objectives: to provide brief information on the current state in the field of agricultural lending; give brief information on the development of Islamic principles of lending in the Kyrgyz Republic; define the concept and classification of Islamic banking instruments in agriculture; define the financial instrument “Ijara” and identify its advantages. Research methods: methods of the empirical level (studying of literature and other sources of information, observation, comparison), methods of the theoretical level (study and generalisation, analysis and synthesis). In the process of writing this article, Islamic banking instruments have been reviewed and classified. The concept of Ijara contract was considered, new modern technologies in the field of Islamic banking were investigated. The main distinctive principles of Islamic banking from the Western model of financial leasing were analysed. The credit history of agriculture and forestry of the Kyrgyz Republic was analysed.


Interest rate; Islamic principles of lending; Commercial bank; leasing company; Credit organization

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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3729


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