Urboekological Situation and Regional Analysis of Population Health In Uzbekistan

Nilufar K. Komilova, Nilufar N. Ermatova, Tura Rakhimova, Lolakhon K. Karshibaeva, Mukhtor O. Hamroyev


With the intensification of the urbanization process, the nosogeographic situation in different regions, population morbidity, types of diseases occurring among them, especially the nervous system and mental disorders, malignant tumors, allergic diseases are more characteristic of highly urbanized areas. This article covers issues related to the development of cities and the consequences of population growth, factors affecting the urban environment, problems related to public health. The amount of toxic gases emitted into the atmosphere in Uzbekistan was also analyzed. The health of mothers is extremely important in the health of the next generation, that is why the authors have developed a system of factors that affect maternal and child health. Analysis and study of regional aspects of these problems is one of the main tasks of medical geography. In medical geographical research, the analysis of regions in terms of nosogeographic situation is of great importance. Analyzes show that the deterioration of the environment, man's unlimited domination of nature, the deterioration of the ecological situation, as well as the spread of related diseases on earth pose new challenges to medical geography, which studies the causes and patterns. The rapid development of science and technology, the steady increase in human impact on nature and consequently, a number of negative changes in the natural environment have a significant impact on human health. The acceleration of the process of urbanization which in turn causes problems such: as air, water and soil pollution.


Urban ecology; Medical geography ; Hypodynamics; Nosogeographic situation; Artificial environment; Noise; Man-made pressure; Diseases of development; Civilization

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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3722


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