Intensification of High-Quality Brewing Processes

Zoriana M. Romanova, Serhii M. Loiko, Mykola S. Romanov, Ludmila O. Kosogolova, Mikhail D. Khlynovskiy


Brewing is a complex process that involves many stages and successive operations. The issues of intensifying the brewing processes are of great importance in improving the ways to obtain a high-quality finished beer product and maintain high standards of its quality in the future. The relevance of the subject matter is conditioned by the stable demand for high-quality beer products in society and the urgent need to create effective technologies for the production of high-quality beer, taking into account the introduction of the latest technologies for the intensification of brewing processes. The purpose of the study is to determine the main factors that are important from the standpoint of intensifying the processes of quality brewing, in the context of assessing the prospects for their subsequent consideration when planning the beer production processes. The leading approach of this study is a combination of a systematic analysis of the peculiarities of brewing processes in the context of searching for opportunities for its intensification, with an analytical study of real options for intensifying the brewing processes, from the standpoint of maintaining high-quality standards of finished beer and increasing the overall production rate. The main results obtained in the course of this study should be considered the substantiation of the main factors of the brewing processes intensification in the context of creating a mathematical model for calculating the possibilities of its implementation in the activities of breweries to increase the rate of brewing high-quality beer. The prospects for further research are determined by the preservation of a stable demand for high-quality beer products, combined with an increase in the need to intensify the processes of its production, in accordance with the set standards for the quality of beer production.


Beer manufacturing technology; Beer wort; Quality of brewing products; Rotary-pulsed apparatus; Hop extract.

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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3720


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