Public Model of Intellectual Property Management for AR4D-Systems (Agricultural Research for Development)

Iryna L. Lytvynchuk, Kateryna V. Molodetska, Oleh V. Skydan, Lesia V. Zaburanna


The paper attempts to define the trends of the intellectual property (ІР) management in the framework of an agrarian economy. The object of the investigation are the controversies of intellectual property relations in the systems of agricultural research for development (AR4D-systems) that testify to the difficulties in ІР management. Taking into account a global trend of changing the correlation of private and public interests to the benefit of the latter in terms of managing intellectual property in AR4D-systems, the paper aims to develop a comprehensive model of intellectual property public management (that guarantees fair balance of interests) and to clarify how to evaluate the integral efficiency of such model. The theoretical basis of the study were existing analytical investigations of the intellectual property policies (conventional policy standard; open innovation policy; mixed policies of combining intellectual property rights regimes). The main obtained result of the study is a general concept of the comprehensive model of intellectual property public management for the AR4D systems based on 5 managing clusters. The integral efficiency monitoring of the proposed model was tested on the example of Ukraine with the help of the methods of multicriteria optimization of the vector criterion. The results show that the integral efficiency of the Ukrainian model is higher than average, but it can be increased by improving the tools of the information and communication support cluster and the cluster of organizational and technical assistance and capacity building such as the availability of the mobilization fund, the availability of the specialized electronic credit and investment platforms, the level of awareness of the users, the number of users of the system's electronic services. The practical value of the obtained results is their strategic impact on a sustainable development policy.


Intellectual property policymaking; Development; Agricultural science; Ukraine

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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.00.3719


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