Analysis of the perceived effects of climate change on crop production among farmers of Argungu zone of Kebbi state agricultural development programme - ADP

Ango A. Kamba, Jibril F. Yelwa, Ibenihi E. Ojomugbokenyode, Ibrahim L. Yaji


This study analyzed the perceived effects of climate change on crop production and other agricultural activities in the study area. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to arrive at the sample size of 120 farmers. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the farmers and the collected data obtained was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings unveiled that the mean age of the farmers was 33 years and the majority (78.3%) of them were married. The majority (82.5%) of the farmers were male and literate with both western and Qur’anic education. Around 69.2% of the farmers had a farm size of 1-3hectares and the majority (69.20%) had farming as their prominent occupation. There was a non-significant relationship (P>0.05) between the perceived effects of climate change on crop productions and climate change adaptation measures. This study concludes that the farmers experienced the effects of climate change in their farming practices and hence the study recommends that extension workers should provide more information to the farmers on the adaptation strategies to adopt in curtailing the effects of the change on agricultural activities. 


Analysis; Perceived Effects; Climate Change; Agricultural Activities; Famers; Kebbi State ADP


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.010.02.3678


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