Comparative study of different organic mulches for increased wheat productivity district Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Ahmad Raza, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad U. Chattha, Imran Khan, Muhammad B. Chattha, Mina Kharal, Faqir H. Anjum, Fiaz Hussain, Muhammad M. Iqbal, Muhammad T. Aslam, Muhammad Z. Amin, Muhammad U. Hassan


Weeds are major threat to global wheat production and cause serious threat to food security. Likewise, water scarcity is also a major threat to food production and its intensity is continuously soaring up across the globe. Organic mulches have potential to reduce weeds growth and conserve the soil moisture thus ensures the better crop growth and yield. Therefore, present study was conducted to compare the performance of different organic mulches in improving wheat growth and productivity. The study was comprised of different organic mulches; M1= No mulch (control) M2= maize straw mulch, M3= wheat straw mulch, M4= sorghum straw mulch and M5= rice straw mulch and three nitrogen levels N1 = 90 kg, N2 = 120 kg and N3= 150 kg/ha. The results indicated that both organic mulches and N rates had significant impact on growth, and yield traits. The maximum leaf area index (LAI), crop growth rate (CGR), productive tillers (307 m-2), grains/spike (46.22), 1000 grain weight (42.33 g) biological yield (13.76 t/ha) and grain yield 4.75 t/ha was obtained with sorghum straw mulch and minimum productive tillers (255.33 m-2), grains/spike (36.22), biological yield (11.46 t/ha) and grain yield (3.59 t/ha) was recorded in no mulch (control). Among nitrogen levels maximum productive tillers (290.6 m-2), grains/spike (42.80), 1000 grain weight (40.65 g), biological yield (13.44 t/ha) and grain yield (4.32 t/ha) was obtained with 150 kg/ha N and minimum productive tillers (274 m-2), grains/spike (38.13), 1000 grain weight (36.94 g) biological yield (11.98 t/ha) and grain yield (3.90 t/ha) was obtained with 90 N kg/ha. Thus, farmers can use sorghum straw mulch and N (150 kg ha-1) to improve the wheat productivity. However, farmers must be educated by government institute and adoptive research farms in order to understand and adaption of this approach.


Faisalabad; Mulch; Productivity; Wheat; Weeds


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.009.03.3598


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