Role of radio in agricultural advisory service in western region of Cameroon

Fongang F. Guillaume, Feujeo K. Giselle, Melachio N. Martial


The objective of this article is to analyze the contribution of radios in agricultural advisory services and agricultural extension in the Western region of Cameroon. The study is focused on 3 of the 8 divisions of the region, those having around 70% of the radios of the region were particularly investigated, and it is about Menoua, Mifi and Bamboutos Divisions. With the help of structured questionnaires and interview guides, surveys were conducted with 13 radio broadcasters, 17 agricultural advisory agents and extension workers and 35 farmers' organization managers. The findings show that the region has 24 radio stations, divided into 3 main categories: public (12.5%), private (41.66%), and community (45.83) radio stations. The emergence of these radio stations had several reasons, amongst which the main are: the need to promote the activities of the rural areas (85%), inform, sensitize and advice the farmers (15%). Radio broadcasters are predominantly male (85%) having completed higher education (85%). They are made up of trained journalists (54%); on-the-job facilitators (31%) and agricultural technicians (15%). The content of the proposed programs cover training (50%), the raising of awareness (18%), advertisement (17%) and miscellaneous information (8%) on agricultural development and practices. The programs involved two categories of actors: farmers whose interaction with the radio is either by call (47%), text messages (7%), or by listening (46%); then the agricultural advisory agent for whom it is a flexible and indispensable tool for the execution of their various activities. Despite some infrastructural and logistical difficulties being encountered, the radio has effectively contributed to the improvement of agricultural activities in the region 


Radio, agriculture, livestock, agricultural advisory services, extension.


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DOI: 10.33687/ijae.007.03.2300


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