Abeysinghe L. Sandika, Rupasena Liyanapathirana, Abeywickrama L. Meththapala


Department of Agriculture (DoA) is the main technical organization responsible for the development of agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. Further, main functionaries of the DoA are SLAgS and their job involvement is significant toward the progress of the agriculture sector. Research Officers (ROs), Agriculture Officers (AOs), Lectures (LCs) and Subject Matter Specialists (SMSs) are the main categories belonged to SLAgS. It is a timely important requirement to practice good governance (GG) concept in the DoA as a public sector organization because empirical evidence shows that GG practices in the public sector organizations ensures the effective service delivery system. This study therefore attempts to recognize good governance perception by officers of SLAgS working in the Department of Agriculture. Pre tested questionnaire was used to collect the data from the SLAgS officers. Results of the study revealed that SLAgS officers’ awareness on good governance (GG) concepts were very poor. High majority of SLAgS officers were unaware about key dimensions of GG. Majority of the respondents perceived the GG in the DOA favourably, while 27 percent and 04 percent of them perceived it as most favourable and less favourable respectively. However, majority of SLAgS officers were in the favourable level in respect to the participation, follows the rule of law, equitability, consensus oriented, accountability, and inclusiveness while other dimensions were not favourable.


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