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Vol 11, No 3 (2023): Int. J. Agric. Ext.

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International Journal of Agricultural Extension has been recognised by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan in "Y category. The edntire team of IJAE is happy for this success. In the meantime, we are indebted to all the authors for their contribution. 


Posted: 2020-11-04
EScience Press is seeking to recruit engaged and enthusiastic subject editors and reviewers for International Journal of Agricultural Extension to manage editorial processes and to guide its development as an academic journal.
Posted: 2020-03-26
We are currently accepting papers for publication in the International Journal of Agricultural Extension, a fast track peer-reviewed and open access academic journal.
Posted: 2020-03-26

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EScience Press is currently seeking to publish new book ideas and to work with new authors and editors, in areas of potential impact, high topicality and rapid growth across different scientific fields.

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International Journal of Agricultural Extension is devoted to publishing authoritative empirical research and conceptual contribution building the theory of agriculture extension especially focusing on community development through practices of agriculture extension education. 

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Latest News on Food and Agriculture


Microbial food as a strategy food production of the future

Scientists have summarized microbial food production strategies.
Posted: 2024-04-12More...

Method to extract useful proteins from beer-brewing leftovers

Researchers have created a method that extracts over 80 percent of the available protein in grain leftovers from brewing beer, commonly known as brewers' spent grain.
Posted: 2024-04-11More...

Biofortified rice to combat deficiencies

Vitamin B1 is an essential micronutrient for human beings. Its deficiency is the cause of numerous diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Researchers have achieved a significant advance in the fight against vitamin B1 deficiency, frequently associated with a rice-based diet. By specifically targeting the nourishing tissues of the rice grain, the scientists have succeeded in considerably increasing its vitamin B1 content, without compromising agronomic yield. These results could help solve a major public health problem in regions where rice is the staple food.
Posted: 2024-04-11More...

Economist: Tens of billions of dollars in forest products are being overlooked

Are we missing the forest for the trees? More than timber grows in forests -- including products worth many tens of billions of dollars. Because these goods go unrecorded in official trade statistics, their economic value escapes our attention. As a result, clear opportunities to combat poverty are being missed, according to an economist.
Posted: 2024-04-11More...

Food security in developed countries shows resilience to climate change

A study has found that market forces have provided good food price stability over the past half century, despite extreme weather conditions.
Posted: 2024-04-11More...