Formulation of Nano-fertilizer and Phytochemical Screening of orange peel were utilized to enhance the growth of Vigna radiata

Saba Iqbal, Gulnaz Parveen, Ambreen Ayub, Salma Gul, Tahira Batool, Amtul Sami, Tahira Batool, Nain Tara, Amtul Sami, Atiya Hussain Khowaja


Nanotechnology has developed into one of the most valued fields of sciences in the current century owing to the introduction of revolutionary changes in several disciplines of sciences. A key product of nanotechnology, i.e., nanoparticles (NPs) are abundantly used in modern research due to their novel applications. Orange peel contains vital nutrients that can be recycled into valuable material used for different purposes. In this study, we synthesized nano fertilizer from orange peel and tested its potential for promoting the growth of Vigna radiata and reducing the population of root rot pathogens. Nano-fertilizer extract was subjected to physical and chemical analyses for characterization. Transmission electron microscopy indicated spherical nanoparticles with sizes ranging between 18.22nm and 61.05nm.  While the X-Ray diffraction analysis the peaks were observed at 2ɵ value of 19.830, 20.550, 21.240, 24.440, 27.330 and 29.770 which represented the similarity with urea slandered peak.  The Synthesized nano-fertilizers contained phenols, steroids, triterpenes and xanthoproteins. In a screen house experiment, the nano fertilizer extract was administered to the seeds of Vigna radiata. The research demonstrated that increasing the dose of orange peel extract enhanced germination percentage by positively influencing plant growth characteristics. Meanwhile, a high concentration of orange peel amendment successfully reduced the colonization and infection percentage of root rotting pathogens when compared to the positive and negative controls.


Bioactive compounds; Fertilizer; Infection; Nano particles; Plant Growth

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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.012.03.4664


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