Analysis of Resistance to Fungal Pathogen Hemileia Vastatrix of Liberica Coffee Based on Functional Marker

Ninik N. Wahibah, Rizka P. Putri, Lailil Muflikhah, Atria Martina, Arini .


Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) disease caused by fungal pathogen Hemileia vastatrix is one of devastated diseases in coffee plants.  Disease RGA (resistance gene analog) primer pair CARF 005 has been reported for leaf rust-resistant screening in Arabica coffee and has never been reported in Liberica coffee. Previously, Liberoid Meranti 1 and 2 (Lim 1 and Lim 2) from Meranti Islands Indonesia were officially published by the government as CLR resistant cultivars and adaptive to peat soil. Our study aimed to analyze the resistance of Liberica coffee plants based on functional primer CARF 005. We sampled healthy plants of three Liberica genotypes (Lim 1, Lim 2, Bengkalis) in commercial farmer fields. DNA was extracted from young leaves, amplified and sequenced using CARF 005 primers. All samples generated DNA band about 400 bp. In addition, nucleotide sequences are similar to Arabica putative disease resistance gene.  All the three sequences contain NB-ARC conserved domain which contribute to pathogenic-resistant trait. The regions also contain one motif sequence of P-loop/Walker-A domain. Our result confirmed that DNA fragments amplified by CARF 005 are linked to RGA region and eventually we suggested that CARF 005 can be used to identify resistance to CLR in Liberica. It will particularly contribute for supporting Liberica breeding program and conservation of Liberica germplasm


liberica; CARF005; Lim varieties; leaf rust disease; RGA; Hemileia vastatrix


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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.012.01.4371


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