Geographical Distribution of Physiologic Races of Puccinia triticina and Postulation of Resistance Genes in New Wheat Cultivars in Egypt

Nour E. K. Soliman, Ashraf M. M. Abdelbacki, Mohammad A.A. Najeeb, Reda I. Omara


Knowledge of the geographical distribution for physiologic races of Puccinia triticina and identification of leaf rust resistance genes (Lr ,s) in the recent Egyptian wheat cultivars are essential for maximizing resistance in future-bred cultivars. The  aim   of   this   study   was   to   know   the   status  of resistance in Egyptian wheat cultivars against wheat leaf rust and the most frequent race distributed. Infected samples were collected from five Governorates, i.e.,  Dakahlia,  Kafr el-Sheikh,  Beheira,  Sharqia  and  Sohag comprised the wheat growing area in Egypt. These samples were isolated, purified and identified on the differential stes. Gene postulation was done using fifteen identified races on Egyptian wheat cultivars correlated with Lr genes. Thirty three races identified during three seasons 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. The most frequent race was TK (10%) followed by race BB (7.58%), PK (6.55%), TT (4.82%), PT (3.79%) and MT (3.44%). Moreover, races; BB, TT and PT were present during three seasons while these races appeared in some Governorates and disappeared in other Governorates. On the other hand, the most frequently occurring gene in ten Egyptian wheat cultivars was Lr35 (70%), followed by Lr22 (60%), Lr27 (40%), Lr34 (30%), Lr19 (30%),Lr18 (10%),Lr36 (10%) and Lr46 (10%), eight out of sixteen Lr genes were not present in the tested cultivars. It is concluded that there was a good variation in Lr genes carried by wheat cultivars commercially grown in Egypt. Therefore, strategies for deploying resistance genes to prolong effective disease resistance are suggested to control wheat leaf rust disease.


wheat; Puccinia triticina; physiologic races; geographical distribution; postulation; resistance genes

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DOI: 10.33687/phytopath.001.01.0018


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