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Journal of Zoo Biology is an open access peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary journal focusing on original reporting, experimental and theoretical contributions to animal sciences. Quality research articles and critical reviews from around the world cover: Biodiversity, demographics, genetics, behavior, reproduction, nutrition, diseases of animals, physiological, biochemical, and molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of animals are accepted for publication.

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Journal of Zoo Biology

Journal of Zoo Biology

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Zoology News


Discovering candidate for reflex network of walking cats: Understanding animals with robots

A group of researchers developed a quadruped robot platform that can reproduce the neuromuscular dynamics of animals, discovering that a steady gait and experimental behaviors of walking cats emerged from the reflex circuit in walking experiments on this robot.
Posted: 2021-05-11More...

Glyphosate inhibits symbiotic bacteria in the saw-toothed grain beetle

Susceptibility of their microbial partners to the herbicide may be an underestimated weak spot of insects that could add to their decline.
Posted: 2021-05-11More...

Animal production responsible for vast majority of air quality-related health impacts from U.S. food

Poor air quality caused by food production in the U.S. is estimated to result in 16,000 deaths annually, 80% of which are related to animal production, according to a new study. The study also shows how improving animal and crop management practices, as well as how eating more plant-rich diets, can substantially reduce mortality from food-related air pollution.
Posted: 2021-05-10More...

Implanted wireless device triggers mice to form instant bond

Researchers have wirelessly programmed -- and then deprogrammed -- mice to socially interact with one another in real time. The advancement is thanks to an ultraminiature, wireless, battery-free and fully implantable device that uses light to activate neurons.
Posted: 2021-05-10More...

New vaccine blocks COVID-19 and variants, plus other coronaviruses

A potential new vaccine has proven effective in protecting monkeys and mice from a variety of coronavirus infections -- including SARS-CoV-2 as well as the original SARS-CoV-1 and related bat coronaviruses that could potentially cause the next pandemic.
Posted: 2021-05-10More...

Vol 3, No 1 (2020): J. Zoo Biol.

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Research Articles

Anne L. Jansen, Karen Thodberg
Yue Min, Shibao Wu, Fuhua Zhang, Na Xu
Velmurugan Karthikeyan, Selvaraj Balachandran, Kasilingam Ramachandran, Nagarajan Rajesh, Ayyaru Gopalakrishnan
Fadia Dib, Adib A. Saad, Abdellatif Ali
Wardah Hassan, Sajid Abdullah, Naila Hadayat, Huma Naz, Shakeela Parveen