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Journal of Zoo Biology is an open access peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary journal focusing on original reporting, experimental and theoretical contributions to animal sciences. Quality research articles and critical reviews from around the world cover: Biodiversity, demographics, genetics, behavior, reproduction, nutrition, diseases of animals, physiological, biochemical, and molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of animals are accepted for publication.

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Journal of Zoo Biology

Journal of Zoo Biology

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Zoology News


Ruffed grouse population more resilient than expected, genetic study finds

Despite decades of decline, a genetic analysis of ruffed grouse reveals that Pennsylvania's state bird harbors more genetic diversity and connectivity than expected. The findings suggest that the iconic game bird could be maintained in persistent numbers if appropriate protections are implemented.
Posted: 2023-10-05More...

Meadow Spittlebug's record-breaking diet also makes it top disease carrier for plants

New research fueled in part by citizen scientists reveals that the meadow spittlebug—known for the foamy, spit-like urine released by its nymphs—can feed on at least 1,300 species of host plants, more than twice the number of any other insect.
Posted: 2023-10-04More...

Invertebrate biodiversity is improving in England's rivers, long-term trends show

Rivers across England have seen a significant improvement in river invertebrate biodiversity since 1989, shows a new study.
Posted: 2023-10-04More...

Bird species changing faster than expected in protected areas

A recent study has found that bird communities inside and outside protected areas are beginning to resemble each other as a result of climate change. In both areas, southern species increase in abundance, while northern species decrease.
Posted: 2023-10-04More...

Birders and AI push bird conservation to the next level

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are being used to model hidden patterns in nature, not just for one bird species, but for entire ecological communities across continents. And the models follow each species’ full annual life cycle, from breeding to fall migration to non-breeding grounds, and back north again during spring migration.
Posted: 2023-10-04More...

Vol 5, No 1 (2022): J. Zoo Biol.

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Research Articles

Misbah Jan, Hafsa Farooq Chashoo, Adnan Amin, Adnan Abubakr
Muhammad Shahbaz Azhar, Muhammad Zubair Anjum, Shamim Akhter, Muhammad Qayash Khan, Ahmad Ali, Misbah Farooq, Shaista Bibi
Rashid Minhas, Huma Naz, Sajid Abdullah, Khalid Abbas, Tanveer Ahmed, Nimra Zahid
Sumaira Aslam, Maira Mustafa, Komal Tayyab, Afshan Syed Abbas, Sheeba Batool
Humaira Umar, Faiza Ambreen, Tamsela Mumtaz, Hamna Umer, Safina Kouser, Komal Umair