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Assessment is a process by which information collected is directed towards the achievement of a desired goal for which it is designed.  Assessments serve as an important evaluation tool to arrive at fundamental questions about the educational process, their outcomes, student engagement, effectiveness of learning resources. This necessitates the need of well-planned and designed assessments that not only address students’ needs and learning objectives but also helps them in solving real life problems and professional enrichment.  The success and effectiveness of every assessment can be judged by the feedback and results it reflects on student achievement. This paper attempts to achieve the objective of analyzing the effectiveness of different assessment methods among the student teachers based on the Faculty and different age groups. The assessment methods used in this survey were: (i) Seminar presentation (ii) Closed book assignments (iii) Open book assignments (iv) Gallery walk and Dramatization (v) Multiple choice questions. The findings of the paper highlighted that Multiple choice questions were the most preferred methods of assessment towards academic achievement among the student teachers and Seminar presentation was found to be the least preferred assessment method among them.


Academic achievement, different assessment methods, effectiveness of assessment, different instructional methods, student teachers

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