Md Farid Hossain, Md. Anwarul Islam


The opportunity of education is limited in Bangladesh. Dropouts in education from primary to university level are very high. Government has taken an initiative with the assistance of national and International organizations to improve the education system. Universities are autonomous bodies administrated by statutory bodies. Bangladesh Open University (BOU) is the only public university in the country that imparts education in distance mode. Regular and dropout students and working people of any ages are eligible to study in the university. University provides education with affordable cost including the course materials. At present, BOU is providing higher education and professional training in wide areas as well as basic education at secondary and higher secondary levels. It introduces several formal academic programs from certificate to master’s levels under six academic schools which have some expert faculty members. The university delivers all levels of education in different fields through tutorial services, printing materials, radio-television and using other suitable Information Communication Technology (ICT). Distance education is important for educating mass people in Bangladesh


Education system; Distance Education; ODL; ICT; Bangladesh

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