EScience Press

EScience Press is committed to achieving the highest quality science to drive progress in research and innovation. EScience Press is a scholarly open access publishing platform enabling the dissemination of research to the global community.

For over 10 years we have been helping students, researchers, scientific societies, and academic institutions to achieve their goals in an ever-changing world. By partnering with learned societies, we support researchers to communicate discoveries that make a difference.

Who we are

Our mission has always focused on helping the scientific community succeed in inspiring the global community. We are an independent international publisher that publishes peer-reviewed journals, books and monographs covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

We are bridging the research publishing gap by delivering content solutions in new and innovative ways. We are strengthening the research community by partnering with learned societies and supporting researchers to communicate discoveries that make a difference. We collaborate with authors, societies, libraries, and other members of the research community to generate, communicate, and enable access to the scientific and scholarly insights that are helping to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our commitment to partnership helps us advance innovation and connect the scientific community with the content, platforms, and tools they need to be successful.

Publishing Models

Open Access

Open-access journals are scholarly journals that are available online to the reader “without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself.”

Hybrid Open Access

Subscription journals in which some of the articles are open access. It is a mixed revenue model of subscription charges and pay-to publish options. Authors pay a subscription-based journal a publication fee to make their individual article open access immediately upon its release.


EScience Press shall not take any responsibility for the contents of articles published in journals/ books and all such responsibility shall lie with the author/s. The opinions expressed in the articles are solely of the author/s and EScience Press may not agree with such opinions in part or in full.

Rights and Permissions

Requesting permission from EScience Press to reproduce the published content in the part or total in any form is permissible with due acknowledgement of the source as per ethical norms.

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