Identification of Cell Wall Invertase Activities in Selected Wheat Cultivars from Sindh for Crop Improvement

Adnan Rasheed Memon, Hadi Bux, Muhammad Siddique Samoo


CWI markers, also known as Cell Wall Invertase markers, play a pivotal role in wheat breeding and crop improvement. These markers help identify wheat varieties with desirable traits related to yield potential, stress tolerance, drought tolerance, and overall crop performance. The CWI gene, found in bread wheat, has been identified on chromosomes 4A, 5B, and 5D, all of which contain the conserved WECPDF domain. The main role of the Cell wall invertase (CWI) gene is to hydrolyze sucrose into glucose and fructose. Harnessing the power of CWI markers contributes to the advancement of sustainable agriculture practices and the development of high-performing wheat varieties to meet the demands of diverse agricultural landscapes. In this study, we investigated the prevalence of CWI markers, specifically CWi21 and CWi22, in wheat varieties cultivated in Sindh, Pakistan. We collected a set of thirteen wheat genotypes cultivated in the Sindh province for the screening of Cell Wall Invertase markers through polymerase chain reactions. Our analysis revealed the diversity of the markers CWi21 and CWi22 in wheat genotypes. The marker CWi21 was present in 30% of the wheat varieties, while CWi22 was detected in 70% of the wheat varieties.


CWI markers; Wheat; Sindh; Pakistan.

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