Breeding Wheat for Rust Resistance: Conventional and Modern Approaches

Amir Afzal, Sairah Syed, Muhammad Saeed, Rabia Sultan, Misbah Kanwal, Moazan Shahid, Muhammad Zahid, Basharat Mahmood


Three rusts are destructive, diminishing produce and nutritious value significantly, affect food availability and consequently food security through reductions in yield. In agricultural research institutes with mandate of wheat improvement, incorporating genes resistant against rust is matter of routine. The dilemma of rusts in wheat has been addressed the most, leading to discovery of principles of plant breeding for resistance e.g. gene disease genes inherit following Mendelian genetics, concept of genetic diversity and concept of gene for gene theory. Two strategies of breeding wheat for disease resistance are being followed. 1- Conventional and 2- Advanced. Among conventional approaches selection and hybridization are well known. However rust resistance has been found short lived and may also be durable in certain cases. Durability of disease resistance is desired and has been explored widely. Durability of resistance is generally attained through incorporation of genes effective at adult plant stage and combination of quantitative genes. Application of biotechnology to improve productivity of rust resistance breeding is the usage of molecular markers in pyramiding genes and substantiates the existence of genes in, and confirming released cultivars are pure. This involves molecular markers that are precise and pertinent across extensive ranges of breeders’ germplasm. This review article encompasses all features of wheat development through application of different techniques of wheat improvement. However, despite development of novel approaches that has accelerated wheat breeding, breeding in pathogen leading to producing more virulent strains. Consequently, wheat breeding is a continuous process.


Wheat rusts; Stripe Rust; Leaf Rust; Stem Rust; Breeding; Disease Resistance

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