Studies on the Epiphallus and spermatheca in some species of the genus Acrotylus (Acridoidea: Orthoptera) of Pakistan

Barkat Ali Bughio, Riffat Sultana, Ali Murad Rahoo


The study of Acridoidea is one of the significant work  for the aim of insects systematic process. This Order Orthoptera comprised of insects with paurometabolus type metamorphosis,including grasshoppers,Crickts and locusts.During present work five species and subspecies of the genus  Acrotylus were observed namely Acrotylus humbertianus (Saussure), A. insubricus insubricus (Scopoli) A. patruelis(Herrich-Schaffer) A. longipes longipes (Charpentier) and A. longipes subfasciatus . The spermatheca is an organ playing a key role in insect reproduction, it allowing the  storage of spermatozoa and making them available when it needed, More ever there is information about the genitalia of these grasshoppers .Where as some information is present in the literature on morphology of species of the genus Acrotylus (Fieber).At present my studies expose the diagnostic characters of  epiphallus and Spermatheca that have useful value for the purpose of accurate identification.  Epiphallus with  moderately wide bridge, narrow ancorae and bilobate lophi. Spermatheca is a coiled duct of ectodermal origion. It is of  varying sizes and shapes. The spermatheca well dilates to form a sac like structure, for storing  the spermatozoa which enter during  copulation. Where as this study will provide  the beneficial support for new research workers in future. 


Epiphallus; Spermatheca; Taxonomy.

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