Exploring the Relationship between Effective Management & Social Equity: A CSR Perspective

Muhammad Murad, Azhar Bhatti, Abou Bakar, Rashid Ahmad, Ali Junaid Khan


The objective of this study is to identify the role of effective management in social equity in the micro-finance banking sector of Pakistan. It is understood that in the micro-finance banking sector, the deficiency of effective management is reported and it is creating hurdles in the way of promoting social equity in the banking sector. This study was based on the primary data collected on a five-point Likert questionnaire. The target population for this study was the employees and customers of the micro-finance banking sector of South Punjab. The results of this study demonstrate that there is a critical role for effective management to ensure the implementation of social equality practices in the banking sector to improve the loyalty of customers and the performance of the organization. This study fills in the gaps in the literature about the micro-finance banking sector by showing how corporate social responsibility, non-discrimination, and social awareness work together to create social equity.


Effective Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Awareness, Non-Discrimination, and Social Equity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33687/jsas.010.01.4180


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