Estimation of Heterosis of Yield and Yield-Related Traits in the African Eggplant (Solanum Aethiopicum) Hybrids

Esther T. Akinyode, Justina B.O. Porbeni, David K Ojo, Olufemi O. O. Pitan, Adenike O. Olufolaji, Victor Chikaleke, Ayoola M. Abdul-Rafiu, Dorcas O. Ibitoye


African eggplant is an important fruit and leafy vegetable in Africa. Heterosis over mid and better parents was estimated in eight crosses of eggplant involving eight pure lines in a field experiment in 2012 and 2013 cropping seasons. The experiment was laid out using a randomized complete block design with three replications. Collected data was subjected to analysis of variance and significant differences were further subjected to Duncan Multiple Range Test. The aim of this study was to identify superior hybrids that can be advanced in the eggplant breeding program for improved yield and related traits. Significant variation was observed among all traits measured for the parents and hybrids. The highest fruit number was observed in NHS10-40 and in NHS 10-71 x NHS 10-40 among the parents and hybrids respectively. The highest heterosis was recorded in the cross between NHS10-71 x NHS10-40.


African eggplant; better-parent heterosis; mid-parent heterosis; hybrid; yield

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