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Evaluation of Yield and Yield-Related Trait on the Performance of Bread Wheat Varieties with their Production Package in Atarimesk and Maibar Watershed Wollo, Ethiopia

Akalu Gebru, Agegnehu Mekonnen


The trial had been conducted using farmer preference and analysis of variance at two locations in Atarimesk and Maibar (top, middle and downstream) watershed. It was replicated three times in each location per farmers and would provide five improved bread wheat varieties and one local variety totally of six varieties. The plot sizes of each variety were 4m*3m and the planting methods were in raw 125 kg/ ha at farmer planting time. The spacing between rows and plots will be 0.2m and 0.5m respectively. Analysis of variance over the two locations revealed that highly significant difference (0.01) over in days to heading, and grain yield, and Analysis of variance in maibar location days to heading, days to maturity, plant height, thousand seed weight, and grain yields were highly significant. In Atarimesk location days to heading and grain yields were highly significant. But days to mature, spike length, and thousand seed weight were non-significant. Variety. Tsehay and sorra took the short number of days to head and mature, these help to escape drought occurrence in eastern Amhara. As far as disease reaction is concerned, Variety Tsehaye no disease incidence in two locations. But variety sorra shows five percent incidence with less than five percent severity in one farm, only one replication. Farmers were select variety sorra and Tsehay by their own selection criteria. From the analysis of variance, Variety sorra and Tsehay 34 kg/ha and 27 kg/ha give yield advantage over the local variety respectively. Therefore, Variety Sorra and Tsehay are recommended for further production in Maibar, Atarimesk and similar agro-ecologies.


Bread Wheat; Watershed Wollo; Disease reaction; Agro-ecologies; Yield Advantage

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