Response of Wheat Crop to Various Foliar Applications of Nitrogen, Zinc and Boron Fertilizers

Asif Ali Kaleri, Ghulam Mujtaba Khushk, Qamarddin Jogi, Muhammad Mithal Lund, Manzoor Hussain Magsi, Nazia Baloch, Danish Manzoor, Murad Ali Magsi, Ghulam Sajjad Kaleri, Aatif Ali Rajput, Nisar Fatima Pathan, Rabia Laghari


The field experiment was carried out at the students’ experimental farm Department of Agronomy at SAU Tando Jam.Our study results showed that growth and yield components of wheat Varity kiran-95 were significantly differences, extreme plant height (96.60cm), tillers (331.00 m-2), spike length (11.79 cm), grains  per spike(48.00), weight of grain per spike- (2.52 g), seed index (1000-grain weight) (47.90 g), biological yield (11950 Kg ha-1) , grain yield ( 5775 Kg ha-1)  and harvest index (49. 82) was observed under T9 = 2000 g ha-1 followed by plant height (93.15 cm), tillers (312.00 m-2), spike length (11.64 cm), grains spike-1 (56.00), weight of grain spike-1 (2.08 g), seed index (1000-grain weight, 47.58 g), biological yield (11818 Kg ha-1), grain yield  (5514 Kg ha-1) and harvest index (48.33% ) were noted under T= 1500g  ha-1 Whereas, the least plant height (73.80 cm), tillers (248.00 m-2), spike length (9.08 cm), grains spike-1 (31.88 ), weight of grain spike-1 (1.45 g), seed index (1000-grain weight, 33.01 g), biological yield (11950Kg ha-1), grain yield (3022 Kg ha-1) and harvest index (41.81%) was recorded in T1 = (Control No fertilizer).


Wheat; Fertilizer levels; Nitrogen; Zinc; Boron

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