Management of Fall Army Worm of Maize, Spodoptera frugiperda, with Green Synthesis Silver Nanoparticles

Ahmad Hassan Tahir, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Shehzad


The fall armyworm (FAW), Spodoptera frugiperda is a polyphagous and economically important insect pest originated from tropical and sub-tropical parts of America. Being a strong flier, climatic adaptation and large host range makes it a serious threat to food security. It is responsible for high economic losses in many cash crops, vegetables and cereals. The overreliance and overuse of pesticides for the management of FAW posed many problems including insecticide resistance, resurgence of insect pests, biotype development and environmental hazards. To combat these problems, the most important alternative is the use of green synthesis nanoparticles and biocontrol agents which have been proven as eco-friendly technology for pest control. The current study was, therefore, planned to evaluate the toxicity of different plant based synthetic nanoparticles and biocontrol agent (Trichogramma spp.) against fall armyworm. Silver nanoparticles of neem resulted in the highest (83%) and the lowest (40%) mortality of 2nd instar larvae of FAW. However, the highest mortality due to silver nanoparticles of tobacco, onion, mint, ginger and datura was observed as 86%, 63%, 76%, 63% and 73% while the lowest mortality was 30%, 33%, 30%, 23% and 16% respectively. In view of the current findings nanoparticles of datura and neem could be recommended as potential bio-based chemicals for the control of S. frugiperda.


fall armyworm; maize; silver nanoparticles; ecofriendly management

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