Amir Afzal, Muhammad Ijaz, Sharmin Ashraf, Hafiz Husnain Nawaz, Javed Iqbal, Rubab Altaf, Sairah Syed


Changes in climate scenario affect natural conditions in farming system, hence affect plant pests and diseases development. Universally, adverse effects of climate changes namely failing the ecosystem apparatuses that control the balance of plant pests and diseases, failing the plant resistance and the development of environmental situation supportive plant pests and diseases growth in general. The disposed cultivars and favorable ecological circumstances play part towards rust diseases in epidemic form. In this study meteorological data and disease incidence data were correlated to establish relationship between environmental variables and stripe rust development. Linear correlation was established among minimum and maximum air temperature and development of rust was positive. Impact of relative humidity could not be assessed because variation in range between minimum and maximum mean relative humidity remained non-significant during the period under study. However, data generated seems insufficient to conclude authentic result to determine the role of relative humidity in stripe rust development. Three genotypes having different responses against stripe rust were studied to correlate the response of yellow rust with epidemiological factors (temperature, relative moisture, and precipitation). Impact of meteorological factors indicated that environment significantly affected disease incidence and severity of yellow rust through its impact on development rate of the pathogen. Same cultivars responded differentially under unlike meteorological conditions.


Wheat; Stripe rust; Puccinia striiformis tritici; PST; Impact of epidemiological factors

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