Muhammad Idrees, Suliman Khan, Muhammad Asghar, Muhammad Shahzaman, Muhammad Khalid, Himat Ali Shah, Mahwish Raza, Umer A. Aslam


Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a native tree of Iran and cultivated throughout the world including Himalayan regions of Pakistan and India. Pomegranate fruit is also considered as a medicinal fruit. It can act as antioxidant, anti-tumoral or anti-hepatotoxic agents, and improve cardiovascular health. Pomegranate fruit is cultivated in Gollapor vellay, Diamer, Gilgit and Ghizer areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Pomegranate fruit borer (Virachola isocrates) is the main insect pest infesting the fruit orchards in this region. Present study was designed to evaluate the infestation level of pomegranate fruit borer against different commercial insecticides available to local formers. Two commercially available insecticides chloropyrifos and cypermethrine along with neem seed oil were used against the pomegranate fruit borer. Results of the study showed that cypermthrin was recorded with maximum efficacy against V. isocrates followed by chloropyrifos. All the treatments were significantly different from each other. Neem oil was also evaluated as effective treatment to reduce infestation in pomegranate orchards. This study will be helpful in control program of pomegranate fruit borer for this region and will also be very helpful to local pomegranate growers for selection of effective insecticide for the management of pomegranate fruit borer.


Virachola Isocrates; Pomegranate fruit borer; Gilgit-Baltistan; Pomegranate infestation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33804/pp.005.02.3740


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