Gwadar Port as an Economic Zone with Especial Reference to US and Indian Reservations on the Regional Part of South Asia

Dildar A. Chohan, Amir A. Chandio


China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a bunch of multiple projects embracing construction: railroad, airport, and pipeline to import and export Chinese goods at intra-regional and ultra-regional to the nth degree. Gwadar is the hub and centre of the Corridor. However, China is investing and reaping the harvest from Gwadar Corridor. India and the US claim Gwadar to be a Chinese military base as against India and a US military base at Diego Garcia on the Indian Ocean. The paper will thoroughly examine for proving with reviewed literature that Gwadar meant to generate revenue, to prosper economy of Balochistan & resolves its Crisis. And triangular regional connectivity through the Central, Eastern, and Western part of Asia. It is far away from Indian rivalry, and we can’t disregard Gwadar as a security zone for Pakistan. The paper finds that India upholds and misconstrue Gwadar as a corridor passing Gilgit Baltistan [a disputed territory, India Claims] to Xinjiang. Furthermore, the paper suggests a triangle of cooperation and coordination between Pakistan, India, and China. And all the three countries in this triangle should reap immense benefits from resources, facilities, technologies, and technicalities.  The study concludes that US withdrawal from Afghanistan will instigate Pakistan and China to maintain communication, strengthen consultation, deepen cooperation, and support to cart off the challenges surfacing after U.S. withdrawal and the Taliban government.


CPEC; China; India; Pakistan; Reservation; Impact; and development

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