Goals, Definitions, Principles, and Issues in Biodiversity Reporting: A Critical Review

Maliha Sarfraz, Hayat Ullah, Rashid Iqbal, Zia Ur Rehman, Sanaullah Sajid, Munzer Ullah


Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources and the ecological complexes to which they belong. It ranges from fish in the sea, birds in the air, and soil microorganisms in the soil to genetic variability in crops of agriculture and diversity of ecosystems. For an efficient ecosystem, this variability is very necessary because the ecosystem provides ecosystem services to an organization and society. Biodiversity is recognized more and more as an important issue. For an organization, it is very difficult to transform theory into practice. Implementing tools to sufficiently administer act inconsistency with the purpose of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Reporting offers organizations a chance to give details of their connection with biodiversity. Plants are generally familiar as a vital component of biodiversity and global sustainability. They provide food, fuel, shelter, fiber, and medicine. Healthy ecosystems based on plant diversity provide the conditions and processes that sustain life and are essential to the well-being and livelihoods of all mankind. It also forms the basis of all ecosystems on which all the animal species depend. They also provide natural resources for humanity all over the world. They provide most of the basis of materials which are necessary for our daily life.


Biodiversity; Energy; Health; Principles

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