Genetic analysis of Agronomic Traits of Wheat under Terminal Drought Stress

Mohammad Dashtak, Mohammad R. Bihamta, Eslam Majidi, Reza A. Nejad


Seven wheat genotypes (Sirvan, Zarin, Pishgam, Karim, Baran, Heidary, and Rizhav) were crossed in diallel mating to develop 42 F1's hybrids. The resultant hybrids along with parents were evaluated during cropping season 2015-16 at agriculture and natural resources Pardis of Tehran University, Iran, using RCB design with 3 replications under drought stress and normal field conditions from the booting stage till physiological maturity. General combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) for agronomic traits were determined. The main objective of the research was the identification and proper selection of best-performing wheat parental genotypes and best F1's hybrids, based on GCA and SCA estimates.  Significant differences were observed among the wheat genotypes for all the reported traits in this article. Results for combining ability analysis indicated that mean squares of GCA and SCA effects were significantly high for most of the traits. The estimates of σ2gca and σ2sca and its ratio (σ2gca2sca) indicated that non-additive genetic expression was dominant for most of the traits studied, then the heterosis breading is a useful program, however selection on superior hybrids should be postponed to the next generation for these traits in recombination program. It is concluded that Zarin, and Baran are recommended as the best general combiners for a future wheat breeding program. The maximum values of SCA observed in flag leaf length in normal and peduncle length in drought condition related to crosses of Rizhav with other parents. So, it is suggested these series of crosses can be down to improve these traits at the mentioned condition


GCA; SCA; Wheat genotypes; Drought stress; Diallel

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