Jean R. Sangaré, Abdourasmane K. Konaté, Fousseyni Cissé, Ambaliou Sanni


Rice production in Africa is very far from reaching the required growth rate for various reasons. Breeding and improved yield potential in rice are perceived as an important option to ensure food security in Africa. A rice recombinant inbred line population was evaluated in the field for an estimation of genetic parameters of grain yield and its related-traits. We found that environment had little influence on the expression of days to 50% flowering, plant height, thousand kernel weight and a number of grains per panicle. These traits had high to medium broad sense heritability indicating a good scope of selection. Of all traits, the only number of grains per panicle had the highest genetic advance as percent of the mean, suggesting both additive and non-additive gene action on this trait expression. We also found that grain yield showed significant positive phenotypic and genetic correlation with a date to 50% flowering, plant height and number of panicles, indicating that these traits could be used as target traits for selection to improve grain yield in rice.


Coefficient; Correlation; Cotonou; Genetic advance; Grain yield; Heritability; Longorola; Yield-related traits

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