Ashok K. Pokhriyal, Rekha Rani, Jaya Uniyal


Empowerment of women is one of very important issue in developing countries. As women are integral part of society, her status and participation in decision making as well as economic activities is very low. Microfinance plays very important role in improving women decision making by contributing in economic activities. Over the years various efforts have been made by many Government and Non-Government organizations to promote women empowerment especially in rural areas. One such effort is the microfinance intervention. Microfinance institution aims to provide credit to the poor who have no access to commercial Banks. In general, this institution receives financial support from western donors, NGO’s or commercial Bank, who lend to microfinance institutions often against below market interest rates. Many leading public and private sector banks are offering schemes exclusively designed for women to set up their own ventures. Even the unorganized sector has been heading into microfinance movement. The present paper is an attempt to study the role of microfinance intervention in promoting women empowerment in rural India. To check the various schemes under which the micro finance tool is apply and the progress of this program the help of various data provided by the government and other institutions is included in this study.  With the help this it is suggested that education facilities and family protection must be provided in proper way. Microfinance institutions should strengthen and expand their support to resource poor women.


Microfinance, empowerment, women empowerment, micro credit

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