Analysis of Cotton Value Chain in Pakistan: Identifying the Process and Critical Factors in Sustainable Agribusinesses

Muhammad Abubakar, Muhammad Sheeraz, Muhammad Sajid, Yasir Mehmood, Humaira Jamil, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Shahid


Pakistan is currently among the top five exporting nations of cotton worldwide and being the third-largest exporter of cotton and its byproducts, Pakistan earns a significant amount of foreign exchange in this way. The study aimed to depict cotton value chain process in Pakistan and to identify the critical factors contributing toward the cotton value chain process. This paper delves into the concept, methodology, benefits, and challenges associated with value chain, along with real-world examples of its successful implementation. The study followed a descriptive research design and utilized secondary data published by USDA Cotton and Products Annual Report, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan. The study mapped cotton value chain and critical factors in the process. In addition, the study offered useful insights and policy implications for government officials and practitioners, which would help them enhance the process of the cotton value chain. There are a few limitations to the study that can be removed in further research in order to arrive at more accurate findings.


Cotton Production; Cotton Value Chain; Cotton Production in Pakistan; Pakistan; Cotton Value Chain Factors

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