Extension of Beta Function and its Agricultural Applications

Hina Ijaz, Aqeela Noreen, Farzana kausar


The first kind of Euler integral, known as the β-function, holds significant importance in various fields such as mathematics, engineering, statistics, and the chemical and physical sciences. Numerous extensions of the classical β-function can be found in the literature. In the realm of mathematics, the β-function plays a crucial role in addressing problems related to probability distribution, quantum mechanics, and fluid mechanics. This study aims to introduce new extensions of the β-function with a specific focus on their applications in agriculture. Additionally, the research delves into the applications of the β-function and explores various types of β-functions in conjunction with other special functions. The study further investigates additional extensions, properties, and mutual relationships, shedding light on recurrence relations and generating functions associated with the extended β-function.


Beta Function; Agricultural applications; mathematical modeling; probability distribution; fluid mechanics in agriculture

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33687/jacm.005.01.5019


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