Evaluation of Planting Methods for Rice in Rice-Wheat Zone of Sheikhupura, Pakistan

Usman Hassan, Liaqat Ali, Muhammad Yonus, Wardah Qamar, Tariq Chauhdhary, Ishtiaq Hassan, Ishtiaq Hassan


This study was conducted to evaluate different planting methods for rice crops in the rice wheat zone of Sheikhupura Pakistan for the year 2019-2020. Four planting methods were tested in this study conventional transplanting of rice, 2- Manual transplanting of rice by rope, 3-Mechanical transplanting of rice and 4-Direct seeding of rice. Among all these methods, the mechanical transplanting of rice method proved to perform best in terms of meeting recommended plant population of rice crop, rice crop yield and yield parameters followed by manual transplanting of rice by rope method and direct seeding of rice method.  Mechanical transplanting of rice is a mechanized technology for sowing rice crops; solving labor problems and time management. Transplanting of rice by rope method is a laborious method. Direct seeding of rice method also fulfil labour, and plant population issues with proper weeds management, Conventional transplanting of rice method performed poorly in terms of plant population, yield and yield parameters.


Direct seeding of rice; Mechanical rice transplanting; Plant population; Planting methods; Rice-wheat

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33687/jacm.004.02.4498


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