Jithu U. Krishnan, Cheruvandasseri A. Jayaprakas, Narendranath R. Lekshmi, George Ajesh


Coleopterans are all hard in physic and are tougher to withstand fatalities due to random or blind flight. This unusually thick chitinous cuticle is definitely an evolutionary gift in the foresaid sense while this doesn’t correlate with the extraordinary olfactory and thermo-reception properties, the family execute in general. Current study gain its base in this quest and to understand the mechanism, examination of the distribution and function of the receptive sensilla in the body surface of three coleopteran insects viz. Odoiporus longicollis Oliver, Cosmopolitus sordidus Germer and Pollitus mellerborgi Bough was carried out. The sensilla discovered on the surface of the elytral cuticle were observed using light and scanning electron microscopy. The thermal sensitivity of the elytral-sensilla was proven by providing various temperature exposures. Though these sensilla are observed in common they exhibit slight morphological variations that fine tune the niche boundary between the three closely related species.


Elytral-Sensilla; Sensilla modification; Coleopteran morphology; Thermo receptors; Elytra-Electron microscopic study; Micro niche

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